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What is a REBOOT Action Plan?
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If you know the value of being online, but aren't getting the results you expected, the REBOOT Action Plan could be exactly what you need.

By allowing me to assess your website and build your action plan, you can make it super simple for people to do business with you while keeping your budget in tact.

Your REBOOT Action Plan includes a thorough assessment of your website, complete with an itemized list of how to fix issues with functionality while improving user experience.

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this is how it works...

Step One

Once you sign up, I run diagnostics on your website to find any issues that are hindering the function of your website.

This includes checking any tools, links, and plug-ins.

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Step Two

I test the usability of your website by assessing:

  • Placement of elements
  • Calls to action
  • User "journey map"
  • Flow of content
  • "Share-ability"
  • Convenience
  • Navigation

Step Three

Witin 7 business days, I will send you an easy-to-read report with an itemized list of actions to take that will improve the function and user experience of your website.

If you choose, we can set up a time for a follow up call to take care of any of your questions.

Need some motivation?

The top three reasons people won't make a purchase or initiate contact from your site are related to security, and perceived security.

A website that looks outdated, doesn't feel safe.

Sounds reasonable when you think about it. The longer a website has been sitting around not being updated, the more likely it is that it has been compromised in some way. It might also cause potential customers to think the site may have been abandoned. In either case, people will hesitate to buy from a website that looks outdated.

Too many clicks.

I know what most of you are thinking - that people aren't as lazy as we think they are. But I promise, they are when it comes to clicking around trying to take an action (like making a purchase). It might also make them feel a little insecure if they've been clicking for a while and still haven't been able to actually "buy" anything. In that case, people will sometimes feel intimidated by your process, and will probably go find someone else to buy stuff from.

Security certificates are more than a fancy badge.

You know that "http" that shows up in your address bar? People can tell if they are accessing a secure website by looking at this. With all the malicious hackers lurking around, people are a little more careful about where they buy from. Google Chrome (one of the most widely used web browsers) warns people that they could be viewing a website that isn't secure, and could be stopping a lot of potential customers from visiting your page. So - go ask your host provider to hook you up with a security certificate and "force https" (or secure) connection. Totally worth the extra few dollars.

Client Testimonials

"With Cynthia as my trusted guide, I’ve discovered different perspectives and gained an understanding of creative use of space. She helped me understand the value of having a website that was well put-together and made the transition seamless."

Linda Hudson, Founder of AvailHR

"I was really impressed with how simple the sign up process is. I had been looking to make changes on my website for a while now, so having the plan laid out for me was the perfect way to get the ball rolling. This service has been great!"

Jacqui Winter, Owner of HR Project Partners